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(Clearance 010614) Milky Way 100% Indian Human Hair Weave - Indian ZZ Curl 8"

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(Clearance 010614) Milky Way 100% Indian Human Hair Weave - Indian ZZ Curl 8"

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Milky Way 100% Indian Human Hair Weave - Indian ZZ Curl 8"

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Customer Reviews

Great Hair! Great price! A light weight hair for women who are VERY active Review by Pammie G
This is great hair. The short style and type of hair is great for someone who is very active who sweats alot and has to wash their hair or clean their scalp often.

I've tried other weaves, this is the best for me. It is light weight. I don't "feel" it on my head. Worn in the curly style and APPLIED correctly I only need about 1 and 1/4 packages to get the look on the package.

I don't use many products on it. The less the better. I use Shine Polisher and Silk Elements mousse products on the weave. THAT'S ALL. The less the better. On my scalp I use other products but for the hair that is all it takes.

The hair does shed after about 3 weeks of wear. But the shedding is very minor and only noticed by me. Very little tangling or matting, again its just keeping it groomed and not using too many products on it.

Because of the good price on this item on this site and even sometimes the beauty suppliers in town, I get my hair refreshed about every 6 weeks or so.

Thank you to Gail C, the other reviewer of this product, her comments help me choose this item.

(Posted on 10/11/12)
Superior Hair - Price Makes it almost too good to be true. But I'm tried and true Review by Gail C
1) I have tried several types of hair. Milky Way wet /wavy is the only one that doesn't itch AT ALL and for the price, even my hair gal had to concede that her expensive Remi hair was no match to this hair. She has switched!

2) I do hot yoga and Zumba and I HAVE to wash my hair at least 2-3 times a week. It holds up for 5 weeks+. I think it will hold up longer in the cooler months. I don't replace because the hair looks bad, I want to keep it fresh in the summer.
Products: (buy it all with Amazon Prime):
Carol's daughter non-sulfate shampoo; light dry shampoo nightly (Batista, Algemarin are the best); Tresemme Fresh Start products (for freshness on the go); Bobo Remi detangler; dab of that big jar/shea butter conditioner to keep it smooth and new; frizz free hairspray to hold my style. (no moose, too much film for the summer if you ask me).

Sounds like a lot but a) most of this stuff pretty cheap; and b) you might not need all this. I'm just new weave gal, and I'm still learning what works for me. ;o)

3) Last, As long as you run your wide-tooth come through and/or your fingers nightly, put it in a soft pony tail and cover at night, you will get very little tangling and I mean very little.

This hair is superior, bottom line.

(Posted on 8/2/12)