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Sensual Magic Weave Synthetic Hair Half Wig - Ms. London

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Sensual Magic Weave Synthetic Hair Half Wig - Ms. London 1B 2
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Sensual Magic Weave Synthetic Hair Half Wig - Ms. London F1B/30 1
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Synthetic Hair Half Wig
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$29.99  $15.99

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Sensual Magic Weave Synthetic Hair Half Wig - Ms. London

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Synthetic Hair Half Wig

Customer Reviews

Blends Well, Natural Look, Ordering Another Review by Cheryl
I was really excited to get this wig, though it took 8 days to receive. Which is unusual because in the past (over the last 3 years or so) I always received my orders within 3-5 business days or less, maybe they changed owners? Either way, order in advance if you're planning on a special occasion.

So the wig blends really well with my hair which is straight due to a flat iron accident. Yeah, flat ironed my hair one day and the natural curl left my 4B hair! Anyhoo...I thought I would have to cut it/shorten it for a more natural look, but it hits right at the top of my shoulders and I can decide to trim later. But it's very flattering, my husband LOVES it.

Oh and I'm ordering another one because I ordered the 1B because I henna/indigo my hair and the result is often more brown/black than brown. Well this time my hendigo turned out BLACK like its supposed to which makes the 1B a little off in terms of matching. So the #1 should work just fine. In the meantime, I can leave enough hair out in the front so that my darker hair just looks like streaks in the wig itself. Overall I'm very happy with this purchase!

Only cons, the cap itself is kind of large to wear and in order to let a large portion of your front hair hang out, it kinda sags. But then, tightening those hooks in the back sorta fixed that and I'll have to add pins to flatten it out the rest of the way. Too bad I can't post pictures here because the before and after is awesome! My husband flipped! (Posted on 8/20/15)
BEST HALF WIG EVER Review by Bronxgirrl
i get many compliments on this wig and I highly recommend it to any one who want to have a cute curl wig. (Posted on 5/20/13)
Pros and Cons Review by clevagirl73
This unit fits well but it looks nothing like the picture even after using a paddlebrush and finger-combing. This wig was very curly and not the look I was going for. But I will say that I like the softness of the hair and the fit of the cap. Too bad it was so curly. (Posted on 1/4/13)
Love This Wig Review by BlessedDiva
this half wig has beautiful sexy bouncy curls and it is beautiful. I will get more for back up...just in case they discontinue this style. for a sexy look, you won't go wrong. the hair hangs just below my shoulders..I would say it is a 16" curled hair. I would definitely recommend this wig. One downside...shipping is SUPER slow!! it takes a week for it to leave the warehouse....HWH needs to ship products faster!! (Posted on 12/18/12)
She is a nice wig wig. Review by babydoll
I have two one 1b, and 1b30. They are great looks like a press and curl. I will buy her again. (Posted on 10/28/12)
LOVE LOVE LOVE MS.LONDON! I have atleast 20 of this same style, in either a #2 or #4. Great for everyday use, work or even a night out! The only negatives is that the back (under layer) bunches up and gets knotty easily, but that doesn't stop me from buying it! (Posted on 6/7/12)
A Keeper Review by Nieshaa
Great everyday work wig. I like the wig more once the curls dropped a little. Many compliments. (Posted on 3/20/12)