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FAQ Returns (RMA)

What is Hairwigharlem’s return process?

Your Options

Eligible products can be returned for a Refund or an Exchange. All refunds are subject to a 20% ~ 70% Processing fee, which is deducted from the balance. For more information on how the Fee is determined, please see Determination of Processing Fee. All exchange order must amount to at least 80% of the returned products’ value. Hairwigharlem reserves the right to refuse any return packages.

The RMA Process – 4 Easy Steps

We want you to be completely satisfied with your shopping experience at When you wish to return your product, please follow the easy steps listed below to make sure your return is processed as promptly and efficiently as possible.

1. Download RMA Form, fill everything out on the form.
2. Make a copy of your original invoice. (A copy of the original invoice must be included in the box.)
3. Send returning item(s) to
Once your RMA form is complete, box up the items you are returning along with the form and the copy of the original invoice, and CLEARLY write the RMA number on the box. (If the RMA Form is incomplete, we may not process return process.)

Send it to:
Hongsi inc.
317 W 125th St
3rd Fl
New York, NY 10027

*We recommend using a delivery service that offers package tracking and basic insurance coverage.

4. Your Package is Received

And you requested for an Exchange, You will be notified via email of Stock Availability, a link with instructions for paying your order difference, our request of confirmation, and/or more information regarding your exchange via email. We may take up to 30 business days upon receiving your product to notify you. Please keep in mind that your exchange order value has to be at least 80% of your returns’ balance.

  • Some return products may not be eligible for exchange. They will automatically be processed as Refund. For more information, please see Exchange Policy.
  • And you requested for a Refund, you will receive the refundable amount. Please keep in mind that this process can take up to 30 business days. A 20% ~ 70% Processing fee will apply to all refunds. The processing fee will be determined by the condition of your item.

  • Some Returns products may be charged a higher processing fee depending on the condition of the return product upon inspection. Please see Return Policy for details. For information on how the fee is determined, please see Determination of Fee.
  • Additional Return Info

    Return Policies

    Some products may not eligible for returns. For more information, please read Return Policy Page Return Policy Page.


    Please keep in mind that we attempt to notify all customers of the status of their returns within 30 business days from the day it arrives at our facility via email. We are not responsible for your failure to check your email, being provided an invalid email address, or your inability to reply to our notification. If we do not receive any response from you in 30 calendar days from the day we send a notification of the arrival of your Return package, we will no longer be responsible for your returns.

    Our Return Policies are updated occasionally, but rest assured that the listed policy at the time you purchase your product will apply even if that product’s policy is changed after you buy it.


    Most Returns are processed but a small percentage cannot be resolved without contacting you for further information. You may be contacted to be notified that your return item is not acceptable for return. The email will describe the issue and let you know what action you should take, if necessary.

    We DO NOT approve any Return Item for Exchange process if the inspector deems product

  • Is missing any accessories such as hairnet, papers, original packaging, tags, strings, etc.
  • Shows any signs of wear
  • Is not in a brand new condition
  • See Refund Policy for more details

  • Please make sure that your Return Item does not fall under any of the categories above. If your return item falls under one or more of the above categories, you will be asked to pay for the shipping fee to have the item sent back to you, OR we will issue the refundable amount with the deduction of a *Non-Negotiable Processing Fee. For more information on how the fee is determined, please see Determination of Processing Fee.

    How long does the return process take?

  • Once we receive your package, your return item(s) goes through an inspection process before you are contacted about your return. This process may take up to 30 business days.
  • Refunds/exchanges may take up to 30 business days once the customer is contacted and the return meets all following criteria:
  • Clearly identified Order number on the package
  • Return with all original accessories, components, packaging, invoice, etc.
  • No physical damage was caused by customer or by carrier
  • Item is not a final sale item
  • Is it necessary to return each individual accessory when I send in a return?

    Yes. No products will be accepted for exchange if it is missing any accessories such as tags, papers, hairnet, strings, plastic holders, invoice, or packaging; it will automatically be processed as a Refund. You will be charged a higher processing fee based on the condition of your product. To avoid the inconvenience, please make sure that you return all accessories you received with the product.

    Does provide free shipping for exchanges?

    No. You are responsible for the shipping fee necessary for both ways.

    What address should I send my return to?

    The address is provided on the RMA form.

    317 W 125th St
    3rd Fl
    New York, NY 10027

    Can I have my balance as credit instead of exchanging or having a refund?

    No. Unfortunately, we do not have a credit system as of now. You are given 30 days from the day you receive notice from us about your inspection result and balance (the first notice you will receive regarding your return) to choose the items you want to exchange for.

    Approximately how long will it be before a refund actually appears on my credit/debit card?

    We may take up to 30 business days from the day we receive your return item to process a credit back to your form of payment. It may take up to 10 business days for it to appear on your statement.

    I tracked my package and it shows that it is arrived at Why haven’t I received a notification yet?

    It may take up to 30 business days for us to inspect and process your return items before we notify you. Please be patient as we will get to you as soon as possible.

    When am I charged a processing fee? How much is deducted when my return item is subjected to a processing fee?

  • All Refunds are subject to a processing fee, starting at 20%. We offer an exchange service to support customers who were not satisfied with the purchase without this fee, if the items are eligible for exchange. Please see General Return Policy to check eligibility.
  • Processing fee may vary from 20% ~ 70%, depending on the condition of the return item. For details on how the processing fee is determined, please see Determination of Processing Fee.
  • This fee may apply to cover the cost of the processing fee Hairwigharlem is charged by our manufacturers when we return your return products to them, as we DO NOT resell ANY return products to our customers. For information on how the fee is determined, please check Determination of Processing Fee section.